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What's an eBook?
eBooks are your favorite books in an electronic form that you can download to your computer, laptop, or portable eBook device. You can carry an entire library of eBooks with you anywhere.

Why Choose eBooks?

eBooks are just like printed books, only better. They are:

  • Portable: Now you can have an entire digital library of books and magazines with you on your laptop.
  • Convenient: You can download eBooks instantly anytime, anywhere!
  • Easy to use: Turn the page with the click of a button, set a bookmark, search for a specific phrase, or use the built-in dictionary to look up definitions.

How to Get Started:

Getting started with eBooks is easy

Step 1. Choose an eBook Reader

Get Adobe ebook reader Download FREE Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader software

Get MS ebook reader Download FREE Microsoft Reader software

Step 2. Choose an eBook
You can choose eBooks from karmarger eBooks section or an independent third party website which offers ebooks. A list of such links will be put up on the karmarger website soon.

Step 3. Download Your eBooks
Download eBooks instantly to your laptop or PC, and enjoy!