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My Learned Friends

My Learned Friends - KarmArger

Title: My Learned Friends.
Author: Karm Arger.
Publisher: Karmarger Books.
Available Formats: (Adobe Acrobat e-book Reader)
Price: Paperback - £11.99
ebook - £6.95

This book is the fictional biography of Prem Iyer, an Asian barrister, practising in England and Wales. It narrates in sufficient detail, and in a manner interesting and easily comprehensible to the lay reader, what the English Bar is really like. Despite contentions to the contrary expressed by some others in the profession, aspirants, and in particular those from the ethnic minorities, to the Bar, have found themselves confronted with enormous artificial barriers. There are still too many of these left, like the finding of pupillages, the obtaining of tenancies, of getting instructed and finally, of being paid. The principal character in the book did, as it shows, in the course of his career overcome all of them. The state of the present law, the operation of the legal system, its unjust impact in several ways upon the man in the street, and constructive suggestions on what changes ought to be made to improve the system, confluent with the story, all appear in the course of the book.

The opening chapter which is concerned with Prem Iyer's successful defence of a very serious charge of sexual abuse wherewith the reader's interest is immediately engaged, sets the style and the theme of the narrative. The author has tried to hold it throughout the book. Further, he has allowed the reader to enter into the position of the principal character, in the development of his practice as if it were his own, and of advancing in the profession. The criminal cases described and dealt with until acquittal or conviction include, murder, rape, robbery and theft; the civil ones are taken up to their final conclusions. The ordinary or average person reading this book will undoubtedly discover that he/she is more than capable of coping with all the legal matters adumbrated. Indeed if anything, they may say there is an insufficiency of them. The book comprises - spans - a period of just over twenty-five years and it concludes with a judicial invitation to Prem Iyer to apply for Silk - to become a Queen's Counsel. This story is about him getting there.

There are two necessary interludes; one, Austrian with a romantic attachment, the other, Spanish with a historical reference, entertainingly linked to events in Prem Iyer's early student days.

As at the time of writing all matters of law, practice and procedure related in the book are accurate.

Price: Paperback £11.99 ebook: £ 6.95 (GBP)

Number of Pages: 444 pages
Published Date: April 2003
File Size: 1.9 MB
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