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My Learned Friends

Cover Stories for Natalie and Christopher

Title: The Killing Of A Nobody And Other Stories .
Author: Karm Arger.
Publisher: Karmarger Books.
Available Formats: Print ( A5 Format) and (Adobe Acrobat e-book Reader)
Price: £11.99

This book is divided into three main sections comprising five stories. The first two are set within the background of a vicious global conflict, which lasted over six years, and is known as the Second World War. Gripping, and fast moving, they are an appreciation of the irrepressible spirit that burns within every human breast and in dedication to its endurance.

The third is a conglomeration of further stories, as diverse and varied as the reader may ever find but each has its own surprise ending. It is hoped that people with an open mind would read and enjoy their true worth.


Price: £ 11.99 (GBP)

Number of Pages: 413 pages with 21 illustrations
ISBN: 9780954461249
Format: A5
Published Date: 2014
File Size:  
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